2024 Updates:

An online course designed to help you
live your BEST LAST chapter –
creating community, living a lighter lifestyle, leaving your legacy, and welcoming a better death- coming soon

June 21/22, 2025 (Sidney, BC)
a 2-day community conference
celebrating our last chapter

explore, share, inspire,
create intentional connections
discover how to welcome a better death. 






Join the conversation around
doing death better

A two-day community conference that brings together people and services to share resources, learn, and connect about death and dying.

2019 and 2020 sold out and we are so GRATEFUL for your support!


Deathly Matters showcases emerging voices and perspectives not readily found within the mainstream dialogue.  We welcome you to this opportunity to learn from others, ask questions, and share experiences in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere with a community of people who are also committed to DOING DEATH BETTER

Talk To T Podcast – click to listen

What an honour it was to share some time and space with Tracey Burns,
talking about what matters …life and death 

Walking Home

by Emily Olsen | The Connection Project Podcast


a creative collaboration

Deathly Matters – A Community in Conversation
was co visioned by Shauna Janz of Sacred Grief and Linda Hunter of Dying with Grace    
We are both honored to bring our work and this event to our community.

*Since our 2019 inaugural event, Shauna has taken a step back from planning 
and Linda is the event’s current producer. 
Shauna’s work is expanding and she is focusing her efforts
on bringing her beautiful & needed offerings to the community. 


Since 1997 I have been supporting loved ones
through end of life and for the past few years,
I have been part of a conversation around ‘doing death better’.  
I operate from a place of kindness and compassion.

I believe that saying farewell in a heart-centered
and meaningful way is our final gift to those we love;

honoring the life they lived and the legacy they leave.